What Do I Do?

I can help when you need to say something but don’t know how, or when you know what to say but just need a bit of direction!

Here are the main things you might want to ask me for help on:


copywriting (1)

Commercial copywriting put simply is writing that sells!  More deeply it’s finding the words that appeal to a potential buyer or that motivate an audience, through engaging with their needs. Whether you need a sales brochure, a board paper, a website, or an article for a magazine, I can research, develop and write the story that delivers high level impact & influence for your product or service.



No-one understands your message as clearly as you do but everyone can benefit from an extra pair of eyes!  So when you’ve got your message on paper, I can help you shape, hone and finesse your writing to ensure your audience are left feeling as enthusiastic and inspired as you are!



Everyone knows that in the intensity of getting your words out, it’s easy to mistake a there for a their! I can help in the final stages of your writing to review your work with precision and diligence and ensure that the impact of your message isn’t lost in the misfortune of misplaced punctuation or confusing grammar.



For many people the thought of speaking in front of an audience can be scary enough without the added fear of how to actually write a speech! Working together, I can help you develop a script that not only delivers an inspiring, emotive experience for your audience, but logically plots a story that helps you remember more easily what you want to say.



Sometimes getting personal can be the toughest type of writing and the words just won’t flow.  I will listen to what you’re trying to say and find a way of communicating it that reflects every inch of how you feel about them. Whether a eulogy for a much-loved family member, a thank you to a devoted friend or neighbour, a retirement note for a loyal team member or a love poem just because…. I can find your words when they have failed you.


Think I can help you – why not drop me a line and let’s talk : reederwrites@gmail.com






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